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Buy Viagra 25 mg in Arlington Virginia, Buy Viagra with visa in Pueblo Colorado

  1. Hazel, thank you for this simple approach. I plan to share this with my fellow members.

  2. This is all well and good to say. I have been in BNI for a little over a year contributed approximately $14,000 in thank you for closed business to other members . I cannot say the same for myself. I have been giving with no gaining….after a while that becomes redundant. Where is the givers gain in that?

    • So Deborah how much time have you spent building relationships with your fellow members based on KNOW YOU, LIKE YOU, and TRUST YOU? Once they have a level of trust it is then important to for you to teach them how to find an Ideal referrals for you. If you are saying anybody or everybody you will not get many referrals. Remember you have to look at yourself first, what can you do better? As your members one to one what you need to do to earn their referrals.

  3. Thanks Hazel, your wisdom is as usual brilliant, sharing is part of our culture. Thank you my friend. All the best from Paris, Jean-Michel

  4. Hi There,

    Great to hear on time investment in BNI – being a member for 358 weeks – can easly relate to this subject !!!should use our time in BNi productively – Thank You,Cheers

  5. Am not a bni member. But the article is giving a great value, to apply in various forums. Thanks.

  6. It’s big platform for business I was not able to do 121 that’s reason I can’t get refererrals

  7. Exclent sir .it was very i understand how to set goals .its very important for our business

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