How do you define it?

View it?

Achieve it?

What feelings do you get when you think about SUCCESS? When you really stop and picture yourself in a successful moment? Most people barely take the time to set goals, let alone imagine themselves achieving them.

And… do they consider how BNI plays a role in it?

Hmmmm, think about it again.

How does BNI play a role in your success? How does BNI help you achieve your goals?

Do you track your sales? Do you take into consideration the “Thank You $$$” you get from BNI? Remember if you log everything, BNI Connect does the tracking for you! And then you can see how big of a part BNI is playing in YOUR success! And then you can determine if you need BNI to play a BIGGER role.

Much like setting your goals, BNI should be part of that. What if you thought of BNI as your biggest client? Does that change your thinking? Does that help you decipher how big of a player BNI is in your SUCCESS?


I’ll ask you again. What does success mean to you? How do you define it, and why? And then I’ll ask you:

  1. How much has BNI been a part of your past success?
  2. How BIG of a player would you like BNI to “be”?
  3. How can you dig deeper in BNI to become a better BNI Member to make that happen?

Want some help defining success and seeing how BNI can play a bigger role in yours? Contact me for a 1-2-1!



Sandi Ballard, acc, cvacc

Motivator. Taskmaster. Connector…COACH!

Growing Forward Success Coaching, Helping people Achieve Their Success! I help people define their goals and stay focused and motivated to achieve them!

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