How can just 1 minute make a difference in your networking and, ultimately, your referrals?

One minute is enough time to:

  • Leave a “Happy Birthday” voice mail message.
  • Call to say “Hello” to someone you haven’t spoken with in a month.
  • Pen a thank you note.
  • Sign a “Get Well Soon” or “Congratulations” card.
  • Write a LinkedIN testimonial.
  • Make an appointment for a 121 with someone in your chapter.
  • Sign-up for a BNIConnect online workshop.
  • Review your chapter members’ referral requests for this week.
  • Send an email introducing two clients/referral sources/friends that could benefit from knowing each other.
  • Register for a networking event.

If each of these can be done in 1 minute, imagine what 10 minutes of your time each day could accomplish!  Networking is an on-going ACTivity (the key word being ACT) that benefits you exponentially to the time you spend on it.

Make it a goal to do even 1 of these activities each day and watch your referrals grow.

PR Chick Jill Bode founded Designed Write Public Relations in 1998. Working with recycled bubble gum, string and duct tape, she managed to craft a cutting-edge, custom PR consortium that works with clients all over the world–including BNI Central Indiana.