Time management? You either think you’re good at it or bad. Regardless, it’s the key to success or the appearance that you’re a hot mess! Even I had to learn manage my time and it IS a process. A painful habit. And the key to MY success in my business, my life, and BNI.

But you say one phone call can unravel your day? I totally get it! I’m a Mom, a business owner and have been in BNI for 18+ years! And that’s why I HAD TO gain control of my calendar or I was going to LOSE control! Yes, it’s called “creating a habit,” something most people resist. I’m steady on the Traffic Light Report although, yes, there are weeks that I have had NO 1-2-1’s, CEU’s or referrals to log, but I don’t sweat it and freak out, because it’s all by design.

I treat BNI like My.Biggest.Client! I preach this to new and veteran BNI members and it’s really shifted how I think, treat, and react to BNI. The weekly meeting is no different, or less important than a weekly “client meeting”. 1-2-1’s are no different than co-worker, staff or collaborative team meeting. CEU’s are no different than doing some research or reading an article to better yourself or find information for a client or friend to help them. And how do I do all of this? I PUT IT ON MY CALENDAR!

I have a task box on my calendar on Tuesdays. In the box it says, “BNI”. I’ll type in as I get referrals, who to give Thank you Dollars to, if I already read, or need a reminder to read SuccessNet, and a what 1-2-1’s I’ve had or need to schedule. I also have a reminder to REVIEW the newsletter for notes I made for others.

When you learn to manage your time by creating habits, like putting BNI on your calendar, the efforts will pay off! You’ll stop thinking you don’t have time for all this extra work for BNI, and start allowing and planning for it. Think about any other habit you’ve created in the past, and the rewards you received.

Why are you in BNI? What do you want and need from BNI? Once you make that shift and create the habit to be more productive, it will allow you to invest your time more productively and give more than you receive from BNI.


Cheers to your success!

Sandi Ballard, acc, cvacc


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