“What?” You ask.

“Is BNI your biggest client?” I repeat.

“No! XYZ Company is MY biggest client,” you reply.

“Ok, that’s great!” I say. “Well then, may I ask you a few questions about your http://mmma.org.uk/?doing_wp_cron=1494945142.7332999706268310546875 BIGGEST CLIENT?

“Sure,” you reply.

Looking confused, you say, “HECK NO! They’re my biggest client!”

Well then, what is BNI to you?

Think about it, you “should” be getting the majority of your business (aka referrals) FROM BNI. And if you look at your BNI Connect page, you can see how much $$$ you’ve made from BNI in the last 12 months and for the lifetime of your membership.

So, think again. Shift your mindset. If you’re getting 45%+ of your revenue from BNI, then, in a sense, isn’t BNI your “ buy prilosec otc BIGGEST CLIENT”?

Ahhhhh, now you get it. So, I’ll ask again… Is BNI YOUR BIGGEST CLIENT?

Well, then…

  • Are you ever late or a no-show when you have a meeting with your BIGGEST CLIENT?
  • If your BIGGEST CLIENT ever asks for help, or to meet, do you ignore them or say no?
  • When you’re meeting with your BIGGEST CLIENT, do you reply to other emails and texts?

When you treat BNI like your “BIGGEST CLIENT”, you’ll see a change in how you “show up” to meetings, and most definitely your ROI. Try it out for a month. See how this changes your mindset toward BNI and how the benefits pay off.


Cheers to your success!

Sandi Ballard, acc, cvacc


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