One of the most valuable tools that we have in BNI is the power of one-to-one meetings using the GAINS Profile. It is good news/bad news thing—while it is one of the most valuable tools that BNI has for members to build relationships and thereby build trust and referrals, it is also the tool least used by BNI members.

While members are taught to do a GAINS Profile for each of their fellow members during the Member Success Program (MSP) training, often the members do not understand the value of each of the questions and how it is going to help them. They need to know the why behind each of the subjects.

If you look at the list of your chapter members, could you tell me any of the following information about your fellow members:

What are the Goals that they are trying to achieve in their lives and their businesses?

Do you know what they have Accomplished in their business and life that is important to them?

What are your fellow members Interested in; what are their passions when they are not doing what they do for a living?

Where do they spend their time Networking? Church? Sports Teams? Committees?

Are there Skills that your fellow members have that would be of value to you or others?

Do you understand why it is important to know these things about all of your fellow members? Few members do.

The GAINS Profile allows you to build stronger relationships with your fellow members that will lead to a higher level of trust.  By using the GAINS Profile you can have several one-to-ones with a person that are all focused and productive.

Here is why each of categories are important, the why behind each letter.

G = Goals – This is how we help each other.  If your members know what your goals are they will be able to support you and help you achieve your goals. You will be surprised how fast your goals will be achieved once you share them.

A = Accomplishments – This is how we build credibility for you. All of your members need to know what you have accomplished so that they can build your credibility for you when they are referring someone to you. If you know what I have achieved you can carry that story to those you are going to refer me to.  This will instantly build higher levels of credibility, making the referral that much more likely to close. It builds their credibility with you and vice versa.

I = Interests – This is how we build rapport with each other. If we can find the things that others are passion about and we engage them in that conversation we find common ground.

N = Networks – This is how we connect one another. If we share our networks we are able to connect one another to our networks. If I am a member of a car club and you are an insurance agent you might want to be connected to my club members.

S = Skills – This is how we add value to others. If I understand that you have a skill set that could help someone else it allows me to introduce you to someone who may also want to do business with you.



  • Each part of the GAINS profile is important and it should be updated regularly (at least every 6 months to year). After all, our goals change over time, we achieve new things and join new networks. One and done will never work.
  • You do not need to go in order. When I am working with a Gentleman I start with Accomplishments because they are very good at this, but when I am working with a Lady then I start with Interests and find out what they love about their business.
  • You can “GAINS” people at any networking event, it is not just for BNI Members.
  • Come to your one-to-one with your profile completed and know what you want to share.
  • Post your GAINS on your BNI Profile in BNI Connect and keep it updated. As an added benefit, this also drives up your Google ranking.
  • Don’t try to rush the process. You cannot be efficient with relationships you must be effective.
  • Remember it is a two-way conversation, if you do all the talking then you will need to rebook a second one-to-one and do all the listening and writing. Or you may go back and forth with each other and it will likely take two one-to-ones to complete the GAINS.
  • Have fun! A relationship is built on more than just business, keep the fun in the fundamentals.
  • Start with your Contact Sphere/Power Team members first and branch out from there.

What tips do you have for using the GAINS Profile effectively?

Keep It Simple


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