Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

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Be the Person Your Dog Thinks You Are

BNI givers gain is explained in how to be the person your dog thinks you are!

Hailey Perkins has worked with rescue dogs since she was 15. In fact, that’s how she got her first adorable furry friend, Charlie. For nine years, Hailey worked with Charlie to help him overcome his anxiety, distrust and overall timid attitude. Now, he is one of the most loyal and happy-go-lucky pets a person could ask for! Charlie was Hailey’s inspiration to move into pet rehabilitation permanently as a co-owner at American PineAcre Kennels, in Muncie, IN.

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Hailey joined Business Network International (BNI) in June of 2017 unsure if becoming a BNI member would help her business in any way. After attending several informative meetings and sitting on the membership committee, Hailey realized that she had underestimated the difference BNI could make on her business.

The Power of Referrals

The phrase “givers gain” cannot be more applicable to BNI, from Hailey’s experience. The more a member gives, the more they can expect to get back in the form of referrals. This is why her customers are always shocked when the 24-year-old at the front desk has suggestions on who can help them with their retirement plan or the name of someone that can get them started on a life insurance plan.

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Referrals are not the only way Hailey has seen a return on her investment since joining BNI. Her annual profit has grown significantly as well. Within seven months of joining BNI, Hailey had over $6,000 in returned business.

The Bottom Line

A year after joining her local BNI chapter, Hailey saw that business had doubled. Through her records, she saw many customers with “-BNI (Members Name)” to show who referred them. Of that doubled business, well over 70% had BNI referrals attached. Moving to the end of the second year, business had tripled from the already doubled number. Business was doing so well that in September of 2018, she decided to open a second location, Roo’s Holistic Pet Supplies.

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This success would not have happened without the members of her BNI chapter and their support. Hailey knows a lot about dogs, but not how to set up her own LLC or accounting software. She got all of this reliance and support from her fellow members.

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Even though she started off as a skeptic, Hailey quickly learned the power of referral marketing. Now, she is eager to see how her business and her network will continue to grow in ways she never previously imagined.

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“Don’t cut corners and don’t miss meetings,” is Hailey’s advice for new BNI members. “Make the most of the training and listen to what is being said.”

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Are you ready to take your business to an entirely different level of success? Visit your local BNI chapter and get ready to make new connections, understand various industries and become a stronger professional. 

This Walker This Way video will explain how to build your credibility and success with BNI members.

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