Becoming a BNI Member of the Year

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Becoming a BNI Member of the Year

Christy Ragle is sharing how becoming a BNI member of the year was achieved!

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Christy Ragle, WholeHeart Communications, was a year into owning and running her own small business and felt lonely. She worked from home, did not have any co-workers and felt “stuck.” A friend invited her to BNI visitor’s day at the local BNI Central Indiana Chapter and Ragle was immediately impressed.

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Ragle soon joined the Prime Time BNI Chapter and almost two years later, was named the 2018 BNI Central Indiana Member of the Year at the Annual Awards Breakfast.

Ragle was chosen out of several exceptional nominees from the 43 chapters in the BNI Central Indiana region. Her total commitment, productivity and dedication to her fellow chapter members and BNI’s core values led her to this honor.

How does Ragle stay involved in BNI and how does her membership benefit her? See what she has to say:

How do you stay active in your BNI chapter?

I regularly attend the weekly meetings and have served as the visitor host and growth coordinator. Currently, I’m serving as the education coordinator, which I love. I still see myself as an unofficial visitor host and growth coordinator as I enjoy welcoming guests and encouraging development in our chapter.

How has BNI helped you and your business?

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BNI has helped me to clarify my business goals and my one-to-ones have helped strengthen my business. I look forward to my weekly “pep session” with fellow BNI members, and I leave our meetings re-energized to finish my week strong. Practically, a fellow BNI member found a suitable office space for my business, and my direct BNI referrals account for 33 percent of my business.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned while being a BNI member?

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I have learned that long-term business success requires patience as you build relationships and trust. I’m not a very patient person, and I remember being frustrated during my first few months of BNI because I wasn’t seeing any direct financial benefit. However, once members got to know, like, and trust me, the referrals followed.

Why should other business professionals join BNI?

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Being an involved BNI member helps you stay on track with your goals. I especially encourage other small business owners to get involved with BNI because it’s like having an advisory board for your business. The connections you can make through BNI aren’t just about financial referrals, but about building a strong network to support you in the various aspects of running a successful business. Trust the process. You will not regret the relationships you build!

Ragle couldn’t imagine the business growth she’d gain after joining the Prime Time Chapter two years ago. She is more than thrilled and thankful she decided to take the leap of faith and attend the BNI visitor’s day with her friend.

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How are you staying involved in your BNI chapter? Have you brought a guest recently? You never know…they may end up being the next BNI Member of the Year!

Christy Ragle is a member of the Prime Time Chapter of BNI Central Indiana in Henry County and is the owner of WholeHeart Communications. WholeHeart Communications provides marketing and public relations consultation services to help small businesses and non-profits connect with customers through social media, traditional media and community relations. 

For More information on becoming a visitor host in BNI watch this Walker This Way video!

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