Changing the “Not Enough Time” Paradigm

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Changing the “Not Enough Time” Paradigm

How to change the not enough time thought pattern!

Everyone is busy. We all make choices about how we want to spend our time and what we do during that time can have a HUGE impact on our lives or none at all.

It’s not uncommon for new (and even seasoned) business owners to think that the only way that they are going to succeed in business is to put every waking minute into their company, many times to the detriment of their family and friends. While it’s true that there are many business items that can consume your time, eventually you will become burned out, isolated and maybe even frustrated, if you don’t find a way to spend your time that is both profitable and reasonable.

What if I told you the best way to grow your business is to concentrate on someone else’s business?  Sounds crazy, right? It is so counter intuitive to what we are constantly being told as business professionals—we’ve all heard that it’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and we need to be selfish and perhaps even aggressive in getting and keeping customers.

Take heart, there’s a kinder, gentler and MUCH more effective way! Follow these steps to find more time and satisfaction in your business and help another businesses succeed—the perfect WIN-WIN!

Find another business person who:

  1. Wants to help you succeed.
  2. Is willing to make time to help you (they’ll get it back, I promise).
  3. Can be trained.
  4. Has the resources to help you.
  5. Possesses great business relationships with the customers you want to target.
  6. Would make a great referral for people you know.

And last, and most importantly, you must be willing to commit to the same six traits for that business person. If any single one of these six items cannot be met on both sides, you’ll end up losing time instead of gaining it back.

So how does this work?

Have you ever noticed how much easier (and credible) it is to talk about how great someone else is instead of tooting your own horn?

The nice thing about talking about someone else’s business with your customers is that you raise your perceived value in your customer’s eyes—they suddenly see you in much larger terms than a CPA or a Lawn Care company—you become a problem-solver for them. Not only that, but they are much more likely to take your recommendation immediately and that shortens the sales cycle and buys back a LOT of time for the business you referred.

Now, imagine, if someone was doing that for your business???

My average sales cycle can take up to 9 months. But I once had a referral to a company that hired me the minute I walked in the door. What would you do with an extra 9 months of sales time?

Follow this plan to make your business even more profitable AND you’ll be able to spend more time with the ones you love–that’s a paradigm worth changing!

PR Chick Jill Bode founded Designed Write Public Relations in 1998. Working with recycled bubble gum, string and duct tape, she managed to craft a cutting-edge, custom PR consortium that works with clients all over the world–including BNI Central Indiana.

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