Does Your BNI Chapter Have a Code of Conduct?

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Does Your BNI Chapter Have a Code of Conduct?

I will show you how the Code of Ethics sets a standard that pushes BNI apart from other organizations!

Does your chapter have a code of conduct that you expect your business members to adhere to?  Many chapters have dress codes and standards that they expect their members to follow regarding participation.

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BNI has a set Code of Ethics that we teach to each new member upon being accepted into the organization.

 BNI Networking Code of Ethics

  1. I will provide the quality of services at the price I have quoted.
  2. I will be truthful with the members and their referrals.
  3. I will build goodwill and trust among members and their referrals.
  4. I will take responsibility for following up on the referrals I receive.
  5. I will display a positive and supportive attitude.
  6. I will live up to the ethical standards of my profession.

        (Professional standards outlined in a formal code of conduct for any profession supersede the above standards.)

Quite often our members and chapters forget that all BNI members are expected to live by the BNI Code of Ethics and repeated violation of this code could create a situation where members can lose their position in the chapter.

Hazel Walker lecturing in front of a BNI Chapter room.

I often tease the members when I am speaking at one of the chapters and remind them that they are required to have a positive and supportive attitude even when their favorite team lost the game the night before.

A woman reading from a piece of paper the code of ethics.

Our code of ethics sets us apart from other organizations and it is important that the chapter membership committees make sure each member lives up to the standard. It is our code of conduct, it is how we expect our members to behave in the chapter and out of the chapter with our referrals.

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The most violated code of ethics is often number 4, people repeatedly forget to follow up on the business referrals they receive. I cannot tell you how many times I have given a referral to a BNI member only to find out a week later they still have not followed up, making me and themselves look bad. We need to remind the members consistently that this is important enough that we made it part of our code.

Hazel and Mark standing in front of chairs holding a BNI thank you note.

So take the time, review the code of ethics and remember that this is your code of conduct,  violating it will damage your credibility and it will become impossible to give you a referral.  You can also check out 6 Steps to Get More Referrals which explains how to generate more referrals.  People want to do business with people they can trust and are reliable to make them look good.

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If you would like to learn more about BNI take a look at our website and visit a chapter.

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