Make Me Look Good - Your Primary Job When Working With a Referral

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Make Me Look Good - Your Primary Job When Working With a Referral

I will show you how trust is your primary job when working with a referral.

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If you want to receive referrals from your network and the members of your BNI Chapter, you must know this above all things. TRUST is the currency used to get referrals. Building trust and reliability with the members of your business network takes work, time and commitment.  All Referral Partners Are Not Created Equal

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All referrals start with trust. If I do not have faith in you, I am never going to pass referrals to you regardless of how much we hang out together. People often think that if they are liked they are also trusted, nothing could be further from the truth. There are a lot of people that I like, but I would not consider referring my best business to them. Like does not = Trust.

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Every time I pass a referral  to someone in my BNI network I am lending them my reputation and my family name, its a big risk. If I am going to put my name and reputation on the line, I must have assurance that you are going to protect it. 

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I must trust you to do one thing for me, when you show up and work with someone I refer you to, I must believe that you will make me look good. That my client will call me and thank me for referring you to them.

Gaining that much faith takes time and if you burn it you may never be able to rebuild that trust.

Here are 3 things that you can do to start the trust process:

1. Conduct really good one-to-one meetings with your network members. Learn about each other.
2. Find a way to help the person you are building the relationship with.
3. Meet regularly with your network, this is a big benefit of a BNI Chapter.

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So remember MAKE YOUR REFERRAL SOURCES LOOK GOOD if you want to get consistent referrals from your network.

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This Walker This Way video on referrals explains in detail how important trust is, check it out below!

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