How to Get Referrals From Members of Your Network

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How to Get Referrals From Members of Your Network
It takes 3 people engaged to be a referral
It takes 3 people engaged to be a referral.

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Every business day of the week people all over the world are sitting in BNI meetings with the intention of getting and giving amazing referrals. One of my biggest frustrations is that few members are really tapping into the potential of the chapter they are a member of. There is a system for generating really good referrals and you have to be willing to do the work it takes to get them. Here are simple step by step instructions for helping people help you.

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  1. Be Credible – This means people must trust you to be who you say you are and do what you say you will do. You have to build personal credibility and professional credibility. You might be the absolute best at what you do but as a person if you do not show up as your best self, you come late, don’t contribute, make disruptive comments, or dress unprofessional; be aware of your personal actions and the impact on your personal credibility.  On the other-hand, if you have great personal credibility but there is no proof that you are good at what you do professionally, that can be a problem too. Focus to taking time to build your personal and professional credibility for the business people who are going to risk their reputations referring you.
  2. Share Knowledge – Who are your ideal clients? How do we recognize them? Where is your office? Where do you do business–local, national or global? How do you get paid? What are your hours? You must make it as easy as possible for the members of your network if you want them to help you find your ideal clients.
  3. Identify Need – what need do you fix for your clients? Why do they hire you? When do they need you? How will I know when they are in the looking zone and not in the buying zone? Are there questions that your network can ask on your behalf to generate interest?
  4. Generate the Referral – How do you want your network to generate the referral? Should they just pass your business card, set up a phone call, an email introduction, or set up a face-to-face introduction?  Teach your working network how you want to receive referrals, otherwise they will take the easiest way possible and just hand out your business card.
  5. Give Referrals – The best way to generate more referrals for your business is to learn how to find referrals for your fellow network members and generate business for them. How you refer to them is how they will in return refer to you. If all you do is pass a name and number, (which equals a lead) then you can count on them doing the same thing for you. Reciprocity is always at work. While you might not get a referral from that person in your network, others will see that you are giving and they will in turn give to you.
  6. Thank People – don’t forget to thank people who send you referrals. If you want to generate more, then you have to recognize those that are doing the work for you. People want to be appreciated when they help you and they remember when you have taken the time to do something as simple as a handwritten note.

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Referrals take time to generate because it take time to build trust and credibility and teach people what they need to know to refer. Unfortunately, most people do not take the time to teach their network how to identify a great referrals and how to develop them. It is a long process but it is very rewarding when you get a group of people helping you find your ideal clients.

Remember to get you have to give.


There are few women better at building a global network than Hazel Walker . Renowned for her straight talk and no-holds-barred approach, Hazel is a globally sought after speaker.

Take the time to watch this video that will explain the value of referrals!

  1. Spot on Hazel, love all of the above top tips however think number 6 is a MUST in order to get on in life. It’s only two words, but THANK YOU means a lot.. That said THANK YOU for taking time to post:-)

  2. Nice one Hazel – as Education Co-ordinator for my chapter BNI Riverside WA. I will use this (and credit you) for my education slot tomorrow.

  3. Hello Hazel from BNI in Loveland, Colorado! This is a great post and I will be using it for our Education Moment this morning at our Front Range Business Leader’s Chapter! Have a GREAT week and thank you! 🙂

  4. Hazel – great information. I especially like the reminder about thanking your referral partners. Thanking publically works nicely, too. Thank them in a testimonial not only in the meeting but by handing the member a written testimonial to use in their PR. I am sharing this with all of the EC’s in my chapters.

  5. What’s Happening im new to this, I stumbled upon this I have found It absolutely useful and it has aided me out loads. I hope to contribute & assist other users like its helped me. Great job.

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