Six Short Lessons on Leadership

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I have put together six short lessons on leadership for success!

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur, you know how challenging it can be to find the path towards leadership that works for you. If you find yourself wondering how to become a successful leader in business, follow these six short lessons on leadership:

  1. Focus on solutions, not problems.

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If you focus always on the problem, people will always be coming to you with their problems. As a leader, the first thing we tend to do when facing a problem is focus on the negative situation. We continue to repeat our patterns, doing the same things that do not work, until we dwell in a feeling of negativity. You must begin to start focusing on ways to actually resolve the situation by focusing on positive solutions. Do not just react, take the time to fully analyze the problem then make a list of possible solutions.

For more on this topic, I recommend the book, “The Solutions Focus” by Mark McKergow.

  1. Collaborate with your team.

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Work with your team together.  My team and I still struggle to agree on certain things when we work together on some things, but it’s part of the fun of collaboration. Collaboration thrives when everyone is humble enough to accept what ideas others bring. You have your own strengths as an individual and so does everyone else.

Apply the organizational rules like Mandela, not Atilla.

  1. Be a culture champion.

Walk the talk. Leadership is about using your personal experience and wisdom to move others in a positive direction; it’s about empowering others by serving as an example. You have to know the culture of your chapter.

Live the core values and walk the talk.

  1. Care about the success of others.

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Great leaders demonstrate integrity, consistency, compassion, and flexibility. They listen, create safety, focus on the goal and remain flexible in how to achieve the goal. They are unafraid of vulnerability, apologize when they make mistakes, and build deep, lasting relationships.

 People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

  1. Contextual intelligence.

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Good leaders are a good facilitator. They understand the context of the situation. A leader understands the limits of their knowledge and adapts that knowledge to an environment different from the one in which it was developed.

Do not lead with a cookie-cutter approach. You can’t treat all situations or people exactly the same.

  1. Adaptive capacity.


It is important for leaders to develop the contextual intelligence to deal with challenges. This is the ability to adapt to the current situation.  We can never conceive of all the potential problems in any given situation.  This means that one’s ability to adapt is truly an important key to being a great leader. Do your best to understand the landscape and adapt.

You cannot plan for every unexpected situation.


Finally, leadership is about accomplishing more than people thought possible. What are your wildest dreams? What’s your ultimate goal? Never lose that idea and constantly be working towards it.

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  1. Excellent 6 Short Lessons On Leadership By Dr Ivan Misner.
    A Must For Every Enterpreaneur To Incorporate in His Life.
    Absolutely Motivational & Inspirational.

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