The Winding Path That Is Life - Finding True North

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The Winding Path That Is Life - Finding True North

Belief in myself helped me find the winding path that is life finding true North!

My life took a left turn, then another left turn, up some amazing hills, then to the depths of valleys that I thought I would never come out of before it took a right turn on a winding path that would shape the life I live today.  Don’t get me wrong, there were many more left turns, hills and valleys, and every so often it is all smooth riding for a time.

No one can predict our life path when we start living on our own. Our parents have one dream for us, we have another and many people put their dreams on top of ours making the path of life that much more difficult with false starts and some very dark valleys. The one thing that we must discover when we are in the midst of creating our lives is our true north. When we do not have a clear understanding of our true north–our guiding principals and values–then we are destined to constantly take wrong turns.

Our true north is that which guides us, we hold true about ourselves and the world around us. True north is our values that we live by day in and day out. For many years I did not understand this, I did not know what my values were. I only knew what people told me my values should be, they told me that my true north should be their version of God, but I wanted to find my own North, I wanted to find what I believed inside. I wanted to realize my own set of values.

What I found was this one thing that changed everything for me, that made my path easier, my valley less dark, the hills less steep, the lefts full of opportunity. What I found was my belief in myself and that the one value that I hold above all other values that I live by is contribution.

Above all else I have learned that when I am contributing to the positive well-being of others, helping them to create the lives that they love, my path becomes so much easier.

Rather than making goals that are all about what I want, I set goals around how I can impact more people in a positive way.

I believe that because I hold this as my true north, I have the life that I love, one filled with opportunity, with like-minded people and lots of adventure. A life that still has hills and valleys but is full of others on the same path. So those hills, those left turns, and those valleys are now opportunities rather than obstacles.

What is your True North? What value do you always keep in front of you to guide your actions in a positive way?  This will also help you in Building the Second Level of Credibility

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  1. Thank you, this was an excellent read and I concur absolutely for I have found this key just recently. Somehow in a convoluted way I lost what I treasured because I didn’t know it was a treasure until I lost it and God brought it back to me in a way that only He can – by having me pour out my life once again.
    I am no longer a member of BNI unfortunately.

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