There’s No “I” In Team, But there is in BNI!

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There’s this hidden treasure called the GAINS exchange (aka GAINS profile), which has been underutilized by many BNI Members… including ME!

As a “veteran” Member, I tend to get comfortable, and forget about the amazing tools BNI has given us to help us get more referrals. And, sometimes we, as “veteran” Members, forget to SHARE these hidden treasures with NEW Members, so I am writing this to remind, inform and share with all of you, how the GAINS, and the “letter” that specifically helped me GAIN a new client… the “I” which in the acronym stands for INTERESTS.

This article is part of a series on using the GAINS system to have more effective one-to-one meetings. This article focuses on Interests, for an overview on utilizing GAINS to improve your results, click here to read–> “Want to GAINS More Referrals?

Ivan Misner, founder of BNI wrote the following in Entrepreneur Magazine, about the letter “I” in GAINS.


Your interests–the things you enjoy doing, talking about, listening to or collecting–can help you connect with others. People are more willing to spend time with those who share their interests or know something about them.

This little letter helped me tremendously. WHY?

Well, as we were doing our 1-2-1, I handed a fellow member and prospective client my GAINS sheet. We were talking about it and she noticed we had shared (wait for it…) INTERESTS!

Immediately her body language changed. Her TRUST level went UP. My CREDIBILITY increased! She went on to hire me to help her create her business plan and a plan to help her achieve her goals! She’s become a good client and I use her services now as well! Would I have gotten her business without the GAINS, and more specifically our common Interests? Maybe, but it certainly would have taken a lot longer to gain her trust!

If you’ve not utilized the GAINS exchange yet, let’s do a 1-2-1!

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