Top 10 Reasons to Invite Guests and Visitors to Your BNI Chapter Meeting

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Top 10 Reasons to Invite Guests and Visitors to Your  BNI Chapter Meeting

I have put together the best reasons to invite guests to your BNI meeting.

#10. Inviting people makes you more visible to your BNI chapter. You show that you are engaged, not just filling a seat.

#9. More guests and visitors help grow the chapter or replace lost BNI members giving you (and everyone in your chapter) more networking connections.

#8. Each guest and visitor knows over 200 people and they will spread the word about you and BNI.

#7. You get to follow up with the guest or visitor after the meeting to gauge their interest and that can lead to more sales.

#6. By specifically inviting a guest or visitor that shares your client base you can leverage and increase your networking power base.

#5. You will become a mentor about BNI to the visitor or guest you invite and that means more credibility and influence for you with the person and the chapter.

#4. The guest or visitor will respect the fact that you are looking out for their best business interests and you are actively helping them succeed.

#3. A BNI meeting is fast paced and fun. Your guest or visitor will have never experienced anything like it before. They will thank you even if they don’t join.

#2. Word of mouth networking is powerful and a BNI meeting does a great job of showcasing how it works. Most guests and visitors will “get it” and thank you for the opportunity.

#1. It all about the money and the relationships. On average your guests and visitors will each spend between $1,000-2,000 with members in the chapter. They will also observe the close personal relationships that members have with each other and how the members invest in each other’s businesses.

Inviting someone to your BNI chapter is a Win-Win. The more people you invite the greater the chance of growing both your business and other members’ businesses. So invite everyone you know to visit your chapter, whether they can join or not, and your business and your BNI chapter members’ businesses will prosper!

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This Walker This Way video discusses the ways you can take care of your visitors!

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