Top 10 Ways To Waste Your Time In BNI

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Top 10 Ways To Waste Your Time In BNI

Here is a list of the top 10 ways to waste your time in BNI!

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If you calculate the time you spend each week at your business chapter meeting and the business value of your time, your BNI seat is worth a considerable amount of money. Now add that to the hard cost of chapter dues and membership fees along with meals, coffees and meetings. Don’t you want to make sure that you are getting the most from your investment?

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Success in BNI comes when the rest of the chapter members know you, like you and trust you enough to open up their best relationships to you. Until they’ve seen your excellent work, you have to earn that trust by demonstrating your professionalism at all times.  You can also read about Investing in Your Chapter Type: Starting, Growing & Not-Giving-Up

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Don’t delay your success in BNI. Avoid these 10 actions:
  • Showing up late
  • Not showing up at all
  • Not inviting guests
  • Using weekly presentation time to chat with fellow BNI members
  • Focusing your efforts on selling only your services to the members
  • Not following up on a member referral
  • Using one-to-ones to gossip
  • “Winging it” on your weekly presentation
  • Using your feature presentation to explain how to do what you do
  • Ignoring new members

These are common things I, as a director, have seen time and time again. These same people will lament about how BNI does not work.

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Your membership success is up to you. Actively participating and engaging in your BNI chapter’s activities will bring positive results to you and your business.

Follow these tips to see the full benefits of your BNI membership:
  • Listen and write notes about what your fellow members are looking for and then bring them one referral the following week.
  • Become a Member Mentor and support new members so they can become a successful part of your referral marketing team.
  • Give time to creating your presentations, making sure each one of them has a Call to Action.
  • Bring a visitor that will benefit someone in the chapter each month.
  • During your one-to-one, find a way to help each other and make an effort to find a referral in the next 14 days.

Remember that the secret to success in anything without putting in the hard work is still a secret.


Do the work, reap the rewards!


Hazel Walker in a white shirt picture.As a strong, inspiring woman, mother, and entrepreneur, Hazel is focused on helping you tap your full business potential. In the process, you’ll be motivated, rewarded, and transformed; she will    challenge your thinking, call you on your excuses, and help you create a new vision for yourself, your business, and your life. Based both in Perth, Australia and Indianapolis, Indiana, Hazel travels the globe speaking to women’s organizations about the importance of building strong networks both locally and globally. She has become known as the Global Referral Expert. Organizations big and small turn to Hazel for her whip-smart, fun, and insightful perspectives on understanding behaviors implementing change, and what it takes to reach the greatest levels of success in your own backyard and around the world.

For more information on how to get the best out of your BNI membership check out this Walker This Way video below:

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  1. Simple and sublime.
    The shortest distance between two dots is a straight line.
    Following the basics in BNI is simple, yet the most difficult line to walk.

  2. Fabulous insight how BNI works best if we use these keys to unlock the success doors for our own self. Thank you very much for this back-end support.

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