Using BNI to Hit Your 2018 Goals

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Using BNI to Hit Your 2018 Goals

New Year, New Goals… right?

No matter if you achieved your goals last year or not, it’s a NEW YEAR—Time to get a fresh perspective and perhaps even take a NEW approach to old (carry-over) goals.  As you’re setting your 2018 goals, look at how BNI has, or will play a part in helping you achieve them.

BNI is a resource within itself and can help you both personally AND professionally. But… you need to make sure it’s part of your P-L-A-N!

For example, if one of your goals is to:

  1. Increase business. Are you?
    1. Being specific enough during your Sales Manager Minutes?
    2. Including an ASK during your 10-Minute Presentation?
    3. Having EFFECTIVE 1-2-1’s?
  2. Improve your overall health & wellness. Are you?
    1. Utilizing BNI Members services?
    2. Connecting with others that you’ve heard talk about the same goal?
    3. Taking the time needed to do so?
  3. Become a better Resource. Are you?
    1. Visiting other Chapters (even out-of-state!)?
    2. Reading SuccessNet?
    3. Updating your BNI Profile?

More importantly…

Are you treating BNI like your “Biggest Client”? (No I won’t ever stop preaching that!)

As you set your overall goals for 2018, make sure you take the time to think about HOW BNI can help, and that you ARE WORKING the PLAN not just creating it! Much like a gym membership, the machines don’t work themselves!

If you’re struggling to achieve, or perhaps even SET your goals for BNI, contact me for a 1-2-1!

Sandi Ballard, acc, cvacc, Motivator. Taskmaster. Connector… COACH!

Growing Forward Success Coaching, Helping People Achieve Their Success!

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I help people define their goals, and stay focused and motivated to achieve them!

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