A Thought or Two About Visitors

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A Thought or Two About Visitors

A thought or two about guests and visitors coming to your chapter.

First let me start with definitions. A Guest is someone who is ineligible to submit an application for membership or their line of work (example: a Fireman, Policeman or Town Official) doesn’t make sense to be represented in a BNI Chapter. A Visitor is someone who is eligible to submit an application for membership to a BNI Chapter. This means their category is eligible, whether or not the prospective member is eligible is determined by the Membership Committee. Even if that category is represented in the chapter that person would still count as a visitor.

What do you do??? Plain and simple, don’t worry about it and invite people! 

When visitors or guests do appear, remember it’s them who do business with us, not us who does business with them. They buy from us, we don’t buy from them.

The average visitor/guest spends $1,400 with the members of the chapter they visit. If they are a visitor, they should be encouraged to submit an application for membership and if they don’t we—as a collective group—should find a person like them in the same category to submit an application. One of the perks of being a member of a BNI Chapter is that we (you and I) get to do business with the best of the best.

Here’s a perfect example that actually happened when a flooring guy and a social media guy visited our chapter. When I stood and asked how many of us (members of the Achievers Network) would do business with or had referrals for them, almost every hand went up and that’s why I said to them “right there is why you gentlemen should submit an application for membership in our BNI chapter.” Of course before we actually do business with them, they should submit an application for membership. If they are approved and become a member, then we do business and pass great referrals to them.

Jack Klemeyer is a member of Achievers Network in Brownsburg, a part of the BNI Central-Indiana Regional Team and a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker and Trainer helping business owners and leaders who are so busy helping others they don’t always take the time to work on their business. Jack always appreciates referrals!

  1. Hi There,

    A quick question – will a student who is nearing to complete the education and want explore to become a business man can be a visitor or a guest to the BNI meeting

    1. Yes you are always welcome to visit. You may not be ready to be a member but you will learn a lot from the meeting and it will help you to begin to build your network. Hazel

  2. Hi there, a person is a owner of an IT company. He is also involved in serviced offices business. He would like to visit a chapter representing serviced offices business and the chapter already has an IT company as a member. Can the member IT company raise objection to their visit? Will the objection stand? Cheers

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