Be Adaptable

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Be Adaptable



adapt·​able | \ ə-ˈdap-tə-bəl  , a- \

Definition of adaptable

capable of being or becoming adapted

plants that are easily adaptable to colder climates

It is January 1 and the earth has made a full rotation around the sun and our man made calendars have flipped to a New Year 2021. We celebrate, we set goals, do vision boards and plan our exciting future for the upcoming year.  

A person writing in a day planner.

Everyone pins their hopes on a better year, getting back to our lives as we have known them. But the flipping of a calendar does not change the linear nature of time. Only the date on the calendar has changed and nothing else. 

More than ever as individuals we have to learn to adapt to the ever changing environment around us. The earth is changing, society is changing, people are changing, business is changing and it is all happening rapidly. Change is the one thing that stays constant and those who cannot adapt to change are swiftly left behind to flounder on their own. History shows over and over again what happens when we cannot adapt. Be adaptable!


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