GOAL: The New 4-Letter Word

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GOAL: The New 4-Letter Word

I will show you how learning what your goals are creates a plan and success!

GOAL. We’re not talking sports here, we’re talking TANGIBLE ACCOMPLISHMENTS. For some people the word “GOAL” has a negative connotation and for others it poses a challenge, something to work toward, a platform for success either personal or business.

When someone asks you about your goals, do you cringe? Do you even set them? I work with clients to help them identify what it is they REALLY want to achieve and THEN we define the goals and, the key to success here, CREATE action steps…a PLAN to achieve the goals.

One of my favorites sayings is, “A goal without a plan is just a WISH”. You may say, “Oh I get things done all the time”. Well, are those truly goals or just tasks, things you need to do anyway to live life, run a business? We all have “things to do”. If we didn’t, there wouldn’t be a mutil-million-dollar business selling To-Do List note pads.

Really taking the time to define your goals is not an easy “task”! Especially if you’re the type of person that feels the word “G-O-A-L” IS a 4-letter word. Here are some quick handy tips to help get you started:

  1. THINK BIG! Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years?

Is there a HUGE goal, retirement, start a business, EXPAND your business, buy a 2nd home (if that overwhelms you, start with the last tip and work backward)

  1. What is a 12-month goal you have?

If you easily achieve goals, really stretch yourself. If not, stretch yourself! Take that 1st step and put it on paper otherwise it’s not REAL.

  1. Identify potential challenges / risks

Getting them out of your head can sometimes help you see they aren’t as daunting as they seemed and you can brainstorm ways to overcome (sometimes you may need help for this one).

  1. Create SHORT-TERM goals!

What are some things you can accomplish in 30 – 60 – 90 days which will help you gain momentum, see success and keep you motivate to continue? No, don’t make them TOO easy, as these should be “tangible”.

  1. Create the PLAN!

What are things you can do daily and/or weekly that can help you create better habits and help you achieve those goals?

So, who are you? Do you set any goals? Do you achieve them? Most goals don’t get achieved due to lack of focus, motivation and accountability. Other goals aren’t achieved because they aren’t BIG enough or are, perhaps, TOO aggressive.

Sometimes life gets in the way, unforeseen challenges, and even as you work the plan things change and you may realize those weren’t YOUR goals, they were things others suggested you do or you “thought” you needed to do. What’s exciting to see is when a business client sets their goals, starts on their journey and after a few twists and turns, truly finds their passion! It may come from left-field but it’s a really cool thing to watch unfold!

And now, I’ll ask, how do you plan to achieve your goals?


Sandi Ballard, acc, cvacc

Motivator. Taskmaster. Connector…COACH!

Growing Forward Success Coaching, Helping people Achieve Their Success!

I help people define their goals and stay focused and motivated to achieve them!

This Walker This Way video is a great explanation on how to stay relevant and keep your goals on the forefront!

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  1. Goals can also show you what is not important. Many times I put something down as a goal midway thru a year my focus and priorities have changed and that goal is no longer important or relevant to me.

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