One Simple Thing You Can Do to Improve Your BNI ROI

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One Simple Thing You Can Do to Improve Your BNI ROI

Director Consultant Sandi Ballard, BNI Blog

Earth Date: July 14, 2016


I’ve sat down to write this blog at least three times only to be distracted by shiny objects. Those same things I yell at my clients about chasing after! I know you’ve spotted them as well. The distractions that we allow to take us off-track, that keep us from accomplishing our tasks and goals. So, what did I do? I took away my “reward” until I completed this task. Writing this blog was something I had committed to doing, but clearly wasn’t doing it.


Why, you ask? What’s getting in your way? Writer’s block? Not fun? Don’t know how?


Nope, honestly just not feeling like I have been the best example of… “How to be the BEST BNI Member you CAN be”. Yes, I’m telling on myself and when I finally sat down to write this, somehow Captain James T. Kirk’s voice popped into my head and I could hear him reciting his Captain’s Log at the beginning of each Star Trek.  Haha. But it made me laugh at myself and get (re)focused!


It happens to every BNI Member! Things are rocking and rolling, you’ve had a 1-2-1 every week OR MORE, perhaps even visited another chapter. Regular referrals are flowing both ways, thank you $$$ are being logged, you’re good on CEU’s…  you’re sitting SOLIDLY on the TLR. You are a well-rounded BNI Member.


And then it happens…


Life. Business. Holidays. Life. Vacations. Life. Did I mention LIFE? We all allow it to happen. I had gotten away from my “habit” of taking 30-minutes and logging all my stuff into BNI Connect, thinking about or searching for a potential visitor, setting up 1-2-1’s and even really preparing for my 60-seconds. Yes, as a Director Consultant, you’d think it would come second-nature. Did I mention that “Life-thing”?!


Here’s my simple tip on being the best BNI Member you can be: Put a reminder on your calendar labelled “BNI”, and do NOT hit “snooze!”


I have reestablished my Monday habit. Monday is my day to do more administrative and marketing-type tasks anyway, so why not add BNI in there? If you don’t already realize this, BNI can be your biggest marketing tool, IF you put into it what you expect out of it! We all want to see the ROI (return on investment) from our other marketing efforts, why not BNI?


As I finish my BNI Blog, I look forward to taking the next few minutes to schedule a 1-2-1, prep for my upcoming meetings, and read the SuccessNet that’s been sitting in my email inbox. I understand that life can get in the way sometimes, but much like I preach to my clients, don’t worry about what you haven’t done or didn’t do, and think about and starting DOING! When I’m the best BNI Member “I” can be, it shows and the ROI shows as well!


This is YOUR voyage, make the most of it!


Sandi Ballard, acc, cvacc, Motivator. Taskmaster. Connector… COACH!  I help people define their goals and stay focused and motivated to achieve them! Growing Forward Success Coaching, Helping You Achieve Your Success! Check out my books on Amazon


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  1. solid tip!!! so true…yet so easy to fix … thanks for the pep talk

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