We All Need H.O.P.E.

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We All Need H.O.P.E.

I will explain how BNI offers hope to all chapter members.


/hōp/ Noun

a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

When I first became involved in BNI I was at a very low point in my life and I had grave concerns about my future, my husband’s future, and the future of my children.  It was a very rough time in my life, and I was struggling to make it all work and stabilize my family’s future. 

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One evening at a chamber of commerce meeting I was invited to attend a business group that was part of an organization called “The Network”. I went to the meeting simply because I had been spending so many hours networking and this just seemed like a new opportunity for me to meet more people. I had not accomplished much in the way of business with all my networking. I had met a lot of people and I had become very popular, so much so that the nickname Queen of Networking was born. Even though I was popular, my popularity was not translating into consistent new business. The person who invited to the meeting told me that this group would be different. 

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As I sat in that meeting and watched what was going on it seemed to me to be a better process than the one I had been following. So, I asked about becoming a member and was told that I could not because they already had an insurance agent in the group and they only allowed one person per profession. As it turned out all six of the chapters in town had an insurance agent. My hope was dashed against the walls of reality until I spoke to the local person running the business organization. His name was Don Brack and he had been a long-time member and was now overseeing the organization in Indianapolis.  

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Don told me that I could start my group if I wished to and I was thrilled, my hope was restored! You see the opportunity was bigger than just growing my business. What I saw at that time was HOPE for my family, HOPE for my business, HOPE for my future.  What I was buying was HOPE for a better way not only for me and my family but for a community of people to serve each other. I saw the possibility of a better way to do business.

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The reality of BNI is that what we are offering to people who are looking to engage with a BNI group is HOPE. When I was speaking with my business partner Mark Graber about how right now, more than ever, people need hope, they need to feel that there is hope for their future.  As he often does, Mark on the spot created an acronym for HOPE and here it is. 

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Help – We offer every person the help they need to build their network, to build long-lasting relationships that support each other, to build their businesses and help them thrive regardless of what is happening in the world. BNI members Help each other around the world. 

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Opportunity – Members around the world open the doors to opportunity daily, the opportunity to grow a business, and create a life that you love. The stories of the opportunities that people have gotten as a result of the relationships they have created because they were in BNI are simply amazing. 

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People – No great endeavor is ever accomplished alone. The bigger the dream the bigger the team. Most people who come into BNI embrace the “Givers Gain” philosophy that is the very core of the organization. It is the idea that when we help each other it comes back around. So often entrepreneurs and sales professionals find themselves working alone and, in a vacuum. BNI allows a diverse group of professionals to come together in support of one another. No one ever has to go it alone good business is built on good relationships with others. 

Never Stop Learning written on books in a row.

Education – Entrepreneurs get caught up in doing what they do, and forget that they always need to be learning, to stay fresh and relevant. BNI offers so much education that translates into more effective ways of doing business. Education that every entrepreneur needs, education that has a positive impact on their businesses and their lives! As well as all the things that your fellow business professionals in the room will teach you about being in business.  This was the most important thing that I got from my chapter. My chapter taught me how to be a better business person and I will never forget that. 

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When I looked at “The Network” I had hope that it would help me, it would support me in supporting my family. I did not buy a membership in a business organization, I bought Hope and that is what BNI offers to every person who chooses to engage with us. 

Watch this Walker This Way video as it describes H.O.P.E.



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