When One Wins, We All Win

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When One Wins, We All Win

We’re going to go a slightly different direction today since it is the day of our BNI Awards Breakfast here in Central Indiana. This is a day where we honor and, yes, celebrate the BNI members who have best exemplified “Givers Gain.”  In fact, we have a Givers Gain award which is bestowed upon a member from each chapter–based partly on Key Performance Indicators (traffic light scores for those of you in the know) and the votes of members in their chapter–these Givers Gain winners represent some of the best of the best members in our region.

Franchise Manager Denise Praul with Executive Director Hazel Walker and Ashlin Hadden, BNI Central Indiana 2017 Member of the Year.

This is truly a case when one person wins, we all win. That Givers Gain winner didn’t generate those numbers or garner those votes in a vacuum, these did it by participating actively in their chapter and interacting (in many cases daily) with other members. So when they win the Givers Gain Award, it’s because so many others benefited from their time, their connections and their introductions–a real WIN-WIN!

The same holds true for the awards given to Ambassadors, Director Consultants and Area Directors–their awards are for the time and attention they have given to chapters and members, with numbers to back up their effectiveness. These winners know that it takes a village, or in this case a chapter, to effect change in a community.

Michael DeSloover, Ambassador of the Year (top left), Herm Haffner, Director Consultant of the Year (top right) & Wayne Newcomer, Area Director of the Year–2017 BNI Central Indiana

When BNI chapters are healthy and effective, they have a profound impact on their community–providing more jobs, products and financial resources. When we recognize outstanding chapters, you can pull back the veil and see the many ways those members contribute to their community, the sum of their parts is an amazing whole!

Central Indiana BNI 2017 Chapter of the Year–Flash Point

So join us today as we celebrate OUR win. Congratulations to everyone!

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