Networking at BNI?!?

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Networking at BNI?!?

Is BNI your biggest client? If you answered no then let me explain the difference between networking and selling!

Networking: Some of us like it, others LOVE it, and for some, it’s a necessary evil.

So, why bother networking? Because it will help us achieve our business goals. Or perhaps I should say, it can if you do networking well.

As we all know, BNI is a wonderful place to network.

Or is it?

Depending on how long you’ve been a member, you may realize that a BNI meeting is an opportunity to “educate” vs. “network”.  BNI is NOT the time or place to “sell”. BNI should be looked at as your BIGGEST CLIENT. Hmmmm, changes your mindset of being a BNI  member when you think about it like that, doesn’t it?

Then why attend a BNI meeting every week if you aren’t “selling”? Because you are, or should be, working each week to educate the other members in your chapter. It also helps you develop relationships and model BNI’s “Givers Gain” philosophy.

BNI has always suggested that members network elsewhere – at Chamber events, social organizations, community service clubs, professional associations, etc. At those types of events and meetings there are probably more opportunities to network. When I attend a networking event, I can definitely tell the difference between people who are in (or have been in) BNI and those who haven’t. How? Those who haven’t had the privilege of a BNI education are “selling” vs. “networking”. I’m not saying that happens all the time, but there is definitely a distinct difference.

So think about this at your next chapter meeting:

  1. Am I educating my chapter members or trying to “sell” them?
  2. Have I done GOOD 1-2-1’s to learn more about my fellow members?
  3. Am I treating BNI like my biggest client?

Want some help understanding how to utilize your 60-seconds and 10-minute presentation to educate your BNI chapter Members, contact me for a 1-2-1!

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