Being a Sub Does Not Give You Member Privileges

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Being a Sub Does Not Give You Member Privileges

To build a business by referral requires that you create relationships built on trust. Those relationships are built over conversation—give and take. The reason that we have open networking as an official part of the meeting is to facilitate getting to know each other for the members, substitutes and any visitors/guests.

The part of the meeting that is for the members is when they stand and ask for the referrals they are seeking. The members of each chapter are allowed to do their weekly presentation. People who are not members of the chapter do not have the privilege of asking the rest of the members to refer them.

We allow members of one chapters to substitute in other chapters, with the understanding that they are representing the member they are there subbing for. The benefit of subbing in another chapter is to meet other people to add to your network, so that you can schedule one-to-one meetings with them and learn more about each other, following the path of trust.

The substitute policy was not put in place so that members could take advantage of getting member privileges in multiple chapters. 

If the only reason you are subbing is so that you can stand up and ask for business, then you miss the point of Givers Gain. Rather than looking at what’s in it for you, you might want to consider what you can do to support the members of that chapter, how you can build relationships with them.

Subbing for members in other chapters is a GIVERS GAIN activity and when approached with that attitude you build trust and credibility.  When you are subbing you are NOT a member of the chapter and you do not get the same privileges those chapter members do— the weekly presentation.

If you want to ask them for referrals, book one-to- ones with them. Hand them your card and let them know you would like to learn more about what THEY Do and how you can help them. In return, they will learn what you do and begin to help you too.

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  1. Just so you all know, I agree completely with what was stated.

    very inappropriate and disrespectful to those BNI members.

    Furthermore, your business may conflict with a member of that chapter and would be very disrespectful.


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