One Simple Way to Hit Your 2018 Goals

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What an exciting time it is to be in business!  Time to put the old year behind us, reflect on what was good, improve on things that weren’t so good and set goals for the new year.  If you haven’t taken the time to set Goals for 2018, don’t fear.  There’s never a better time than right now.

This article is part of a series on using the GAINS system to have more effective one-to-one meetings. This article focuses on Goals, for an overview on utilizing GAINS to improve your results, click here to read–> “Want to GAINS More Referrals?

First off, Goals is the first letter of the G-A-I-N-S acronym – Goals, Achievements, Interests, Networks, and Skills.  Each of these helps to organize and communicate to those you’re having one-to-ones with so your meetings can be focused and intentional.  Otherwise, your meeting can easily become a bull-session with no clear purpose.

Sharing your Goals with someone in your one-to-one meeting helps you in many ways.  Not only does it communicate to your one-to-one partner what direction you’re headed in, but something else important happens.  When you voice it, you own it.  Saying your goal out loud is incredibly empowering.  Maybe even a little terrifying – good, that means it’s a goal worth pursuing.

In order to be able to voice your goal outside your head, you need to come from a place of absolute clarity to where you’re headed.  There’s a simple technique that I like to use to help get clarity in my goals.  So easy, in fact, that it’s one of those “Easy to do – Easy not to do” items that author Jeff Olson taught us about in his book The Slight Edge.  If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend adding it to your reading list for 2018.

As far as getting clarity in your goals is concerned, each morning as soon as I wake up, I grab a single, blank 3×5 index card from my nightstand. I have the cards waiting for me from the previous night.  Before I do anything, and I do mean anything – with the possible exception of taking care of nature – I write down my goals that I will be accomplishing in the next 90 days.  I may also have a one-year goal or two that I’ll write down, but I like goals that aren’t so far off in the distance.  Far off goals can allow me to hide my daily activity among meaningless tasks that get me nowhere—relinquishing things that I really want to “someday,” a day that never shows up on any calendar.

I write goals that are going to drive immediate action.  For example, if my revenue goals are to be at $3 million in 2018, I’d break that up into more manageable chunks, such as $250,000 per month, or $62,500 per week.  That is going to drive my activity towards something more meaningful TODAY, and not wait around for things that only might happen in the future.  By writing down my goals each morning on a 3×5 card, one that I will carry with me throughout the day, my conscious activity is now much more likely to be driven in a direction toward what I need to get done that day that will bring me towards my goals.

However, there’s one very powerful thing we need to do to get our goal setting a nice steroid-infusion.  On that same card, whether on the back or wherever there’s space, right before you go to sleep, re-write your goals.  Get your subconscious mind working on these goals for you while you’re sleeping.

Each morning, each night, a new card.  As I said, easy to do, but just as easy not to do.  However, doing this is going to get you to become very clear and concise in your goals in just a few days.  It will not only help you to be able to voice your goals clearly, but it will also get you to align your activities towards actually accomplishing them.

To your success in 2018!  Keep your foot on the gas.

Mark B. Dolfini is an Area Director for BNI Central Indiana and author of The Time-Wealthy Investor: Your Real Estate Roadmap to Owning More, Working Less, and Creating the Life You Want.

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