A Is for Accomplishments

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A Is for Accomplishments

Q. Why is it important for me to know my fellow members’ accomplishments?

A. This is how we build credibility with one other. If you can share with me during our GAINS Exchange the things that you have achieved and are proud of, it will build more credibility with me and allow us to find some common ground.

For instance, I asked a new network member what recent accomplishment she was proud of and she began to tell me how she completed a course in a program. This something that I am also studying! She was also publishing a book. Boom! We had two things in common and I know how hard both of those things can be. They take perseverance, time, and work which are all great things to know about in a person that I am going to refer business to. It also allowed us to find common ground that immediately strengthened our newly-forming relationship.

This article is part of a series on using the GAINS system to have more effective one-to-one meetings. This article focuses on Accomplishments, for an overview on utilizing GAINS to improve your results, click here to read–> “Want to GAINS More Referrals?”

Secondly, you want to know the accomplishments of your fellow members so that you can build their credibility before referring a potential customer to them. When you are talking to someone you are going to refer to a member of your network, take the time to build up the member’s credibility.

For instance, if I were referring you to Brian, the sales trainer in my network, I might say the following to you before I actually connect you to Brian. “Brian is the kind of guy that understands accomplishing his goals and running a business. He made partner in his company in his first year by meeting the goals set out for him. He has also been the CFO of a company, won numerous awards as a coach, and is one of the top producers in is organization. Does that sound like the kind of person you might want to work with?”  When they say yes, I ask if they are certain that they want to meet him as he is a very productive person and I do not want to waste anyone’s time. Once confirmed, I set up the introduction. Now I can pass a fully qualified referral and I have taken the time to build Brian’s reputation and credibility with the prospect. This moves the referral up the scale from a 2 or 3 to a 5.

It is important to share both personal and professional accomplishments. For instance, Suzanne is an award-winning business coach in her organization, but when I want to refer clients to her, I tell people how many Ironman competitions she has completed, how she represented Australia in the United Kingdom competing in triathlons and how she helps to train women who want to also complete triathlons. Imagine how much perseverance and dedication that takes. Now imagine what she can do when focused on you and your business. Does that sound like the kind of business coach you might want to work with?

When your network understands your accomplishments they will be able to refer you better and build your credibility for you. A is for Accomplishments, don’t be shy share them with us!

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